The Almighty Slipcover

When my husband and I decided to move in together, I was still living in Florida and he was living with a few roommates near his duty station. Since I was making the “big” move from Florida to Seattle, he was responsible for finding a great apartment in an amazing location. P hands down did an fantastic job. There is nothing like walking out your front door and being able to take your pick of restaurants, coffee shops and stores. He was also tasked with finding us a couch. That’s how we ended up with the green beast.


Yes, it is a great quality couch. Yes, it is super comfy and I nap on that bad boy everyday. Yes, he got an awesome deal on it thanks to Craigslist. Is it the best color to decorate around… no. It’s also micro suede, which is a pain to clean when your toddler likes to messy things up daily. It’s just a fact of life. We’ve been throwing around the idea of purchasing a new couch before we move overseas, but coming to an agreement on a style is difficult. P wants comfy, non-modern, with large cushions. I prefer a more contemporary style that has a fabric that can be easily cleaned. The couches we do agree on are way out of our budget. Thankfully, patience is a virtue and we both agree that we should wait until we can afford to pay for items with cash.

We did come to a conclusion, something had to be done to the green beast. This is where the almighty slipcover comes into play. First of all, finding a slipcover to fit our mammoth of a sofa was a long process. Typical slipcovers simply did not fit. It was like me trying to fit into pre-baby skinny jeans while I’ve got bun #2 in the oven. It just wasn’t happening. Second, finding a slipcover that didn’t look like a giant sheet draped over an ugly couch at a reasonable price, also a little tricky. Thanks to the powers of the internet, we found something we both liked, could easily afford, and fit our couch.


We found this slipcover on Overstock, HERE. Although it didn’t get great reviews (it got terrible ones actually), what sealed the deal was that everyone said it was oversized, which is what we needed.  I also liked that the seat cushions had their own slipcover, which is difficult to find for couches not intentionally made for slipcovers (think Ikea). I’m also impressed that even though this slipcover is white, you can’t tell that it’s covering a dark forest green couch. It’s also been treated for stain resistance and completely machine wash and dryable. Bonus points for parents of a toddler and expecting another on the way.


We’ve had the slipcover on the green beast for nearly a month with pretty great success. I’ve banned the consumption and use of ANYTHING that could possibly cause a major mess. Crayons, cheddar bunnies, sandwiches with mustard… You get the drift. The great thing about the slipcover is that we still use the heck out of the couch. It’s still the place I go to for a nap, where we sit together as a family and share a bowl of ice cream (VERY carefully), and where we play during the day. We try not to take life so seriously and we’re glad that having a white slipcover hasn’t stopped us from doing that. Plus, if anything were to get on the slipcover, it’s nothing a short spin in the wash with a little detergent and bleach won’t fix.


I must say, there are a few downsides to having a slipcovered couch for us. Number one is the wrinkles. P ironed this huge piece of fabric for hours, but after typical use by our family, wrinkles started appearing on the seat cushions. The second downside is that it’s not a tailored look, which I love. Pillows and a throw blanket mostly hide this flaw, but at least it’s better than having the green beast staring at you. If you’re curious, the silk pillows and blanket are from Marshall’s and the woven striped pillows are from Target.

I will say this though, the next couch will not be the slipcovered kind. I hate ironing way too much to make the sacrifice for machine washable. Is that weird?

What’s your take on slipcovers? Love/hate/somewhere in between?

I also got my walking foot in the mail for my sewing machine which means I’m finishing up the quilt tonight. One of the very few perks of being a military wife is having time to do what you want in the evening hours without guilt whenever they’re away. Thankfully my other half gets back this week, which means I also get long naps while he entertains our little one.

Happy crafting (and decorating)!



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  1. 1

    It looks new. The slipcover totally changed that sofa. I love the pillows and throw too. Would go perfectly in my family room.

  2. 3

    I have a big green couch like that, it was my grandma’s and its so comfy but very hard to decorate around. I have been looking for a slip cover but I have the same issues you do. I hate ironing and I want it to look tailored.

  3. 5

    I think I have the exact same couch. In green. It is currently covered in marker, and orange juice. Great slip cover. I attest to buying new furniture and pricy house stuff until my three monsters are married or in collage.

    • 6

      I love how comfortable the couch is but kids are so messy! I’m right there with you on waiting to buy new furniture until our kids learn how to not be completely disgusting :)

  4. 7