Tahoe Trip :: Sewing Update

I mentioned on Twitter & Facebook that we went on a little family weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe. Amazing members of our family who could not attend our vow renewal gifted us with a week long hotel stay pretty much anywhere we wanted.  After factoring in airfare (we didn’t want to spend it) and the only time P could get away from work, last week was the week. Unfortunately P had to go on a work trip most of the week, so we opted for a long weekend.

First of all, our room was amazing. It wasn’t the absolute nicest hotel we’ve ever stayed at, but it was perfect for us and what we needed out of a room. We stayed at the Americana Village in South Lake Tahoe. Some of the online photos are really dated and do not show all the recent upgrades. It had a little kitchen, two televisions, sitting area, and a deep soaking tub. Perfect for a small family.

When we first arrived it was 58 degrees at 5pm. Worried that skiing was going to be terrible was an understatement. The first day there were gusts of up to 50mph and the lifts had to be shut down, so we spent a quiet day indoors and went out for dinner. Lucky for us, the temperature dropped below freezing and we got over 12 inches of snow that same night.

V has seen snow before in Canada and Lake Tahoe last year, but she was too little to play in it.  We bundled her up in mini sized snow gear and she loved being in the snow. Lots of laughing and smiling, enough to make me forget that we’re still experiencing the terrible twos.

We made it home safely Sunday evening from our Tahoe trip to a house with no food and one roll of toilet paper. At least we all had our “batteries” recharged over the weekend, otherwise it would’ve been a catastrophe. It was just what I needed after a long week without my husband, what P needed after a work trip, and V enjoyed a few new experiences. We really need to do this a lot more often.

Also, I have a little sewing update from my crafting confession.  I went to my sewing lesson at Bella’s Studio in downtown Monterey last night and got just the encouragement I needed from Bella. She has a bunch of fancy machines, but she recommended I bring my sewing machine in next week so I’ll get over my fear with a seasoned professional by my side. So, my machine still hasn’t been used… yet, but I did pin, sew, press, and cut 25 quilting squares in two hours on a super duper fancy machine. Go me! Getting over my fear and it feels so good!

Happy crafting!


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  1. 1
    Jessica H. says:

    Oh I love it, both the fact that you got a vacation and the fact that you will finally use your machine! Your room looked really cute and homey, too btw, better than the website photos.

  2. 2
    Corinne Ibbitson says:

    Thanks Maria, this is an awesome way to see what going on in your life!! Tahoe looked awesome!!