The Truth About My Silhouette Portrait

*** This is NOT a sponsored post. Just a crafting confession from a slightly irrational crafter.***

Meet Rinaldo. Rinaldo is a Silhouette Portrait. And yes, I name inanimate objects. It’s a thing.

silhouette portrait

I bought Rinaldo on deep discount last year. I considered it a Christmas gift to myself. Well, shortly after Rinaldo joined the family, a little boy graced us with his presence. I’ve been absolutely smitten with that boy since. Poor Rinaldo got stuffed into a corner closet and forgotten for nine months. NINE MONTHS. That’s crafting tool abuse! No one puts Rinaldo in the corner (closet)!

I need to rectify this situation ASAP! But I have something to admit to you. I’m terrified of Rinaldo. There, I said it. What’s wrong with me?!?! This happened with my sewing machine also. I think the biggest problem I have with my Silhouette Portrait is that I don’t know where to start. Do I make a stencil? A card? Some other mind blowing project? So lost. So confused. So irrational.

It’s almost like an awkward blind date. You know very little about the guy and you desperately want to hit things off, but guy may be a total dud. Rinaldo, please don’t be a dud. Be good to me. Make me feel like an awesome crafter. Please?

Anyone else have fears of diving into something new? Maybe I just have a fear of gadgets? Maybe I’m just nuts…



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  1. 1

    Thanks god, Maria!!! i thought I’m the only one occasionally experiencing weird emotions when presented with a new gadget :) my sewing machine terrified the hell out of me (for some reason, I thought it’ll be smaller). never used it! I waited few days before getting started with our new mac, and even the arrival of my long awaited camera didn’t excite me as much as i wanted it to, at first. I’m weird like that, not sure if it’s normal! I’m studying photography right now and can’t seem to get my hands on the Lightroom course I purchased a while ago. This is truly pathetic! Please tell me, did this fear affect your photography career when you were just starting out, in any way? Ican’t call myself a chicken but these silly little fears irritate the hell out of me!
    btw, LOVE your beautiful blog and the pictures of your gorgeous children

    • 2

      Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been visiting family. It didn’t affect my business, but I’m very cautious when it comes to business decisions. Probably because my college major was business related. I think fear can be healthy. It reminds you to be more mindful of your decisions. Good luck on your photography journey! Your comment about my kiddos put a smile on my face. Thank you so so much!

  2. 3

    It is nice to know I am not the only one! I pined over a Silhouette Cameo for months, and once I finally got one, I was “afraid” to use it…same thing with my sewing machine. I think for me it is a fear of things not coming out the way I envision them in my head…I’m a total perfectionist! I finally got over it when I hosted my sister’s baby shower and wanted to make decorations for the party. I’m still conquering my sewing machine, slowly. :) Hope you have made friends with Rinaldo!

    P.S. Love the Dirty Dancing reference! HAHA!