Pumpkin Patch

I really love the fall and especially love the fact that I have access to so many apple and berry farms for fun inexpensive outings with the little one. I wasn’t able to find a “legit” pumpkin patch less than an hour away, but I did find that Gizdich Ranch in nearby Watsonville has a little pumpkin patch on their orchard. My girlfriend and I thought it would be a perfect day trip for our girls.

They had so much fun playing in the hay and picking up pumpkins. My daughter had a little too much fun eating the hay…. *sigh*


My daughter was all wound up from running around picking up mini pumpkins and posing for pictures for the staff of the orchard. You could hear the ladies talking about the little lion in the pumpkin patch from the windows of the pie shop (yes they have their own pie shop and it is AMAZING).

I try to get her to look at me and then she does this:

Yes, she is licking/eating the pumpkin. I’m so glad I had my camera out for this. Btw, don’t you just love baby knuckle dimples?

We had such a great time and came home with a ton of apples and pumpkins. Get this, I only spent $18 on a huge bag a fresh picked apples and fifteen pumpkins (most were little ones). You must try apples that don’t have food wax on them. Wow, completely different skin texture. Try the Pinova apples, they are my new favorite, RIDICULOUSLY delicious.

Can’t wait to share my new table scape and fall decor with you!

Happy crafting!
xoxo Maria


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    They're so cute together :)

  2. 2
    Craft Crazy Mom says:


    I know! They were playing peek-a-boo today. So glad they're friends!