My Little Water Baby

V is a water baby. Period. The girl loves to go swimming and thankfully my in laws have a pool in their backyard that’s perfect for those hot and humid summer days in Florida. If we lived here, she’d probably would have started lessons at six months old just like her cousin who is just a year older than V. It’s never too late to learn and we’re fortunate enough to know a family friend who does lessons for us out of the kindness of her heart. I love nice people!

Please excuse the lack of photo editing. I really need to load Photoshop onto the laptop already.

Moving on to the topic at hand, swim lessons. We already knew that our little girl knows how to hold her breath underwater and we let her “practice” in the tub whenever she wants. She mostly just likes to dunk her face in or blow bubbles on the surface of the water. Nothing crazy. What we didn’t know what that she is apparently a swim instructor’s “dream” student. She’s fearless and a good listener, which makes for a quick learner.

Who would think a strong willed little girl just shy of two years old would be such a breeze to give lessons to? Not me, that’s for sure. She listened intently and did what her teacher told her to and even made a few trips to the deep end in search of her pool toys.

My little mermaid also learned how to properly enter the water, that there is ZERO running by the pool, and how to move her arms and kick her legs while she’s underwater. We’re still working on mastering the arms and legs and I’m sure that’ll take a long time. Knowing that she can hold her breath and knows how to behave around a pool makes me feel much more at ease as we spend more time around the water this summer.

We are in the pool simply because she asks, “Go shhweem poo”. Too cute to deny. If you can find a certified infant/toddler instructor in your area, I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy spending a lot of time near the beach or in pools. We’ll continue to do lessons as often as we can after we move and I’m sure it’ll only be a seasonal thing  in Korea. I’m hoping she’ll continue to stay a lover of the water and rock swim lessons like it’s a walk in the park for years to come.

Hope you’re having a safe summer fun also!


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    When are you going to Korea!? That’s exciting!