Memory Letters

My high school guidance counselor (past tense folks, graduated in ’03) recently reached out to me in hopes I could think of something for her s2s (student2student) kids to do for other students PCSing (permanent change of station aka moving). This really struck a chord with me because Philip is in the Navy and this is something my daughter might have to deal with.  So I thought memory letters made popular by Nothing But Bonfires would be perfect.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m also military brat.  I spent most of my childhood overseas, but thankfully stayed at one duty station from 2nd-12th grade.  Most military/military affiliated families deal with deployments, training, and PCSing fairly often.  Quite of few younger families even have to move several times a year.  This is stressful on families and even more difficult on kids in school.

I was one of those kids who watched students come and go every couple of years and let me tell you, it sucks… a lot.  Sucks even worse when it’s completely unexpected, which happens more often than you think.  It’s the nature of the military and probably why the military community is so tight knit. 

Anyways, onto the crafty portion of today’s post.  Lining envelopes with pretty papers and bundling up your memories.  First, you want to measure and cut your paper (not cardstock) slightly smaller than the dimensions of your envelope.

Use a glue stick on the blank side and insert your envelope liner into the envelope and press firmly.  Be sure to leave the envelope adhesive uncovered.

Bundle up your memories with yarn, ribbon, or jute with a little tag made from pretty paper. 

Since my high school guidance counselor’s s2s kids are stationed overseas, I suggested they use stamps from the area as a bonus memory for the moving student.

Did you think I just bundled up a bunch of empty envelopes for this post? Nope!  These are actually thank you notes I’m mailing out today to the lovely guests who attended our vow renewal and to those who could not make it, but were awesome and showered up with gifts anyway.  Philip and I have absolutely amazing family and friends.  Love you all!

Got another easy paper craft to share with you tomorrow.  Happy crafting until then!


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    This is such a neat idea! I love it.

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    Kate @ craftwhatever says:

    PCS-ing even sucks for grown ups! : ) We'll be doing it again in about a year. We think.