Memo board tutorial

I love me some memo boards. Quick, easy, & you can make them match the decor of any room. No more searching stores for the “right” one. This project is so simple and you can get all your supplies at a local craft store.

You’ll need:
Painters canvas
Ribbon (7/8″)
Staple gun/staples
Hooks (optional)

Step 1:
Iron your fabric. Lay your fabric & batting on the ground and cut to fit you canvas. I had two extra inches on each side.
Step 2:
Pull your batting around your canvas and staple down. Cut off any excess.

Step 3:
Pull the fabric around your canvas and pull TIGHT! Start from the center & work towards the corners. You want to make nice flat corners.

Step 5:
Cut your ribbon to the desired lengths and assemble them on the fabric covered canvas. Choose your design and write down about where you want your ribbon (ie at the 4,8,& 12 inch along the top & bottom, etc). Staple very carefully.
Step 6:
Attach hooks along the bottom to hang keys, headbands, necklaces and other goodies from. I had to spray paint the ones I had. The easiest way to do this is “screwing” them into a cardboard box like so:

Step 7:
Admire your craftiness!


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