Meal Planning | Week 2

I promised I would give you the details on week one of meal planning after the fact. I can say that we ate exactly one meal on my plan. The Fish Tacos from Peas and Crayons. It was delicious. We do fish tacos often, but it was the first time we used salmon. It was super yummy, super easy.

How pathetic is it that we only ate one meal on the plan? I blame the simple fact that our grocery store is now closed two days a week (Monday & Tuesday) thanks to the government furloughs and grocery shopping on Saturdays and Sundays has now become a 2 hour fiasco, with lines wrapping around the store. Seriously. I’d prefer not to pay $4/ avocado out in the city of Seoul, so I wait until our commissary (grocery store) is open. I also forgot that my husband was going to have surgery (nothing major) last Monday. Whoops! I also bought ice cream for my husband, but I ended up having a bowl every single night this week. I know, I know. Excuses.

So, on Monday we had a homemade salad pizza (recipe soon) since everyone was exhausted from spending all day at the hospital and we needed a little comfort food. I completely forgot what we had on Tuesday because I’m terrible like that. Wednesday was a Vietnamese glass noodle salad, delicious and ready in 5 minutes. Thursday was Fish Tacos from Peas and Crayons. Friday we had bbq pulled pork quesadillas made with leftovers from the weekly bbq my husband organizes for his sailors.

I want to be better this week. If I make three meals on my planner this week, I’ll be happy. I repeated two meals from last week since we didn’t get the chance to eat them due to my poor planning.


Meal Planning


MondayGreek Pizza from Two Peas and Their Pod
TuesdayMediterannean Quinoa Salad from Skinny Taste
Wednesday- Thai Crunch Chicken Salad from How Sweet Eats
Thursday- Asian Peanut Noodles from Skinny Taste
FridayPasta alla Carrettiera from Apron & Sneakers

I actually had a good gut week despite not following the rules for improving my gastro problems. I think it’s because I cut out a caffeine and only managed to have it two days last week. My sleep schedule is now all over the place and mornings have been really brutal, especially with two early birds for kids. But I’ll take a happy gut over a cranky one.

Also, I chose a winner for the Cranberry Lip Scrub & Body Butter giveaway. Cathleen Hunt I sent you an email with details on claiming your prize. Thanks to all who entered!


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