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Special thanks to Anne from LittlePrincessPea for being my first official Mompreneur Monday feature.  She manages to run a successful Etsy business and busy household.  She’s genuine, hard working, and knows what it takes to be a mompreneur. Check out the interview!

CCM:   Tell us a little bit about yourself.
ANNE:  I have been married to my loving husband for almost 12 years and I am a SAHM to 3 wonderful kids.  My boys are 9 and 5 and my daughter is 2.  I like to read, scrapbook and play board games :)  I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be home with my kids.  Prior to children I was an elementary school teacher which I loved and I think has helped prepare me to be a better mom!  

CCM:    Everyone seems to have a muse.  Who or what inspires you to create the items in your shop?
ANNE:  After being a stay at home mom of two boys for several years and thinking I would never see anything pink or dazzling in my house, I was blessed with a daughter. Not only was I obsessed with everything girly and pink when she was born, I was very new to the little girl “boutique world”. After buying several bows and hair clips for my baby girl at very high boutique prices, I started thinking that I could create these products for her that were just as fun and frilly. So I started making bows and hair clips for her and my nieces.  I also love to work with paper and scrapbook so that has been why I have added cards and tags to my Etsy shop.

CCM:   Honestly, how do you do it? How do you manage juggling life as a SAHM and running your own business? 
ANNE:  I am still working out the organizational aspects of working from home.  It will be a challenge this summer with my boys home all day, but usually I create when my daughter is napping or in the evenings.  It takes some multi-tasking and sometimes I am up way too late at night!
CCM:   I know how that feels!  I’m always regretting it when my daughter wakes up at 6AM ready to start the day and I’m running on too few hours of sleep.

CCM:    So tell us about your shop & some of your favorite items from it.
ANNE:  My theme is “Just add a little something extra”.  I tend to be more conservative than really showy.  I think that reflects in the items I make.  My accessories and cards are simple, yet add just the right touch of fun to make a statement.  I have recently started to make some fabric flower headbands that are probably my most “frilly” items.  Otherwise I love to make classic bows and clips and my cards are very simple and elegant too.  You can find my shop at and you can contact me at or through my Facebook page at

CCM:    I always seem to be battling little ruts lately, maybe you can help.  How do you get out of creative ruts?

ANNE:  I love to browse Etsy and other shops.  As soon as I see all the great items that others make, I think to myself I need to get going on creating!  I don’t create every day.  I tend to think for awhile and then will sit down for several hours one evening and work on something.  My daughter wears most of the hair accessories I make, so sometimes I make something for her and then I will go back and make more for my Etsy shop.  Although I make the same style of bows and clips, I rarely make the same exact colors so many times you will get a OOAK item.  I love to get my supplies from other Etsy shops and support the wonderful Etsy community :)
CCM:   Great idea! I also get a lot of my supplies from other Etsy shops. Supporting other shops gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. :)

CCM:    Any advice to other moms out there considering opening their own Etsy shop or small business?
ANNE:  Do or make what you love and share it with others.  Make a schedule and try to stay organized.  I think this is the biggest challenge when you are working from home and have small children.  But if you have a passion for what you are doing or making that will shine through and keep you going!

CCM:  Thanks for the interview Anne! Check out LittlePrincessPea and all of the great items this mom of three creates for her shop.

Click on the photo for LittlePrincessPea‘s Etsy shop


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    PeaceBabyBatiks says:

    Great interview! Lots of great advice — thanks for sharing it, Anne!

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