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I know I’ve been insanely MIA the last few months. Moving to a new country when your sure to pop out a baby at any moment will do that to you. I can officially say that we are settled in, making new friends, and enjoying our new jobs here in Seoul, Korea. Like any major life change, there is a period of adjustment and for us that meant a lot of “quiet” time. It can be difficult for some family and friends back home to understand, but when the military moves you this far away, the logistics of everything is time consuming, sometimes stressful and exhausting when you have kids. Being able to not do anything AT ALL is amazing. We joked that we loved our little “camping” adventure with limited internet, not furniture, and no distractions because honestly, it’s nice not having to deal with “stuff”.

Well, quiet time is over, I’m due any day now, officially on maternity leave and the Christmas decorations are out in full swing. I’ve started crafting again and it feels good to be blogging again. I want to do a Christmas crafting series, but I don’t know how much of a series it will be with a major life event occurring smack dab in the middle of it. I have some awesome projects, one of which I’m extremely excited about…. shaving cream and glitter. Bet you’ll never guess because it is RIDICULOUS!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I promised you some pictures of the new digs. Please excuse the random junk/pillow/suitcases/etc hanging out in the photos. I took these photos right before our furniture was delivered.

Although I’m not a fan of honey colored cabinetry or trim , I love the fact this house is loaded with built ins. Storage anyone? This is the view when you come in the front door.

This is our front entry way. Notice the steel storm door? I’d love to paint it, bit it’s a definite no go here in Hannam Village. Blue steel it is *wink*. Also, what is up with the tan colored doors? Drives me nuts.

Here is a shot of the downstairs from the far end closest to the front door. It’s a little bit awkward trying to set up “zones” downstairs since it’s really narrow. It took some time and a lot of rearranging, but we finally got things the way we like them. Can’t wait to show you the after photos!

This kitchen is a definite upgrade from our last. Just the number of cabinets alone makes me happy. The color, not so much, but what can you do? Also, notice the ridiculously large Apple product? Lovely gift from my husband when we moved here. It’s pretty much amazing and so is he.

On the the upstairs. This is the view from the very top of the staircase. Kind of reminds me of a pysch hospital with all the white and tile in this photo, but it sure does make decorating easy.

This is the smallest room and we’ve turned it into our office. What you don’t see in this photo is an amazing wall of built in closets. Have I mentioned how much I love the storage space in our new place yet?

This is the second largest room which we’ve decided to turn into the master bedroom. Since we don’t have a four bedroom house and we really needed to have a separate office, we thought it was a more practical idea for the kids to share the largest room. This room also has the most closet space out of all the rooms. Since our little ones don’t have wardrobes that require more space than a large dresser can hold, it just seemed like the most logical idea.

 This is technically the master bedroom and it is easily at least 20′x20′, has a few built in cabinets, and a bathroom (we have 3 total). We currently have a full sized bed, nightstand, 2 large dressers, a bench, and a monster sized crib in there with so much room to spare for playing, it’s actually kind of ridiculous. 

These photos really don’t do the size of this room any justice. Periwinkle sheets anyone? That’s what happens when you send your husband out to go buy sheets and pillows. I’m a white sheets only kind of gal simply because it makes my laundry routine that much easier. Someday he’ll learn, but at least he did good and chose a high thread count and probably the most amazing pillows I’ve ever rested my head on.

So that’s pretty much it. I’ll reveal each space in my home in separate posts to save you from the longest blog post ever. Lots of changes from our last place, but change is good and sometimes down right necessary. Also, I’ll start my Christmas crafting series tomorrow and share some of my favorite things including my love of themed trees, a fun little advent calendar, recipes, and activities to do with your little ones. I’ll also sneak in a photo of what I look like when I’m over 38 weeks pregnant with a supposably large little boy. Let’s hope the doctors are wrong and he tips the scales closer to 7lbs and not 10… eeek!



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    Hi! I found this pictures on your blog while looking for interior photos of Burke Towers and Hannam Village :) I LOVE your positive attitude! I wanted to ask if this was Bure tower housing? My husband is an o5 and we will rate a 3 bedroom so I’m just trying to get a good idea of where we will be. Thanks!

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    No, these are in Hannam Village, which will be closing this year. The three bedrooms in Burke are really nice. Walking distance to the schools and close to Starbucks ;) It’s actually right in the middle of the base. There are lots of great people in Burke, you’ll love it!


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