Leather Sectional | A Love Story

As I mentioned in my current state of thrifting affairs, I was itching to break up with my slipcovered green beast and get a leather sectional. It just was not working out quite like I had hoped. I was naive to think that a slipcover on a Craigslisted couch was the answer to my messy kids. I was so tired of having to constantly wash it. Laundry is bad enough when you have two small kids. Adding a slipcover to my laundry to do list was getting annoying. The mister and I talked about the possibility of getting a new couch and settled on getting him a recliner

P and I went to the furniture store last Tuesday looking for a recliner. I hated the thought of a poufy recliner with a cup holder, but he never asks for anything. He really wanted one, so I was just going to suck it up, put on my big girl pants, put on a fake smile and go with it. We wandered around and the one he wanted was gone. We casually looked around for a couple minutes, then we left empty handed.

On Thursday night, we were talking about the possibility of getting a new sectional after he read my post. He said he really liked the one I used my post from Bassett and that we should look into getting one like that when we moved, but…….
Thrifting or buy newIt just so happened that the furniture store on base had that same exact couch, but way out of our initial budget. P said that if I could get a deal on it, that we should just go ahead and buy it.

Friday morning I had a museum play date with a big group of ladies. I wasn’t a 100% sure I wanted to go look at the couch afterwards since V was extra rambunctious that morning, but I figured I needed to at least LOOK at it again. I offered them a lower number on the floor model, but they turned it down. I was ready to walk away.

Well, we ran into another friend at the furniture store and V was busy lounging on the bean bags with her little buddy and pretty much refused to leave. Thankfully this little power struggle meant I was at the store a little longer trying to get V to put her shoes on. As I was getting ready to walk out the door, the manager came out to check on the store. She told the associate to offer a pretty hefty discount. SOLD! I’m in love.

Leather Sectional
It still needs new pillows to lighten up the space and it’s a little large for our narrow city apartment, but it is beyond comfortable. I’ve napped on it three times in three days and I NEVER nap.

I hope to have a separate family/living room soon, but with the Navy moving us around every two years, that’s unlikely. Not impossible, but difficult. The beautiful light gray linen living room set with nailhead trim will have to wait until our forever home or until the kiddos stop being disgusting. I don’t see either happening anytime soon.

I just bought this beauty a few new pillowcases and new fabric for the ottoman and media center. Hoping to show you an updated look soon!

How do you feel about leather furniture? Love or hate?



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  1. 1
    Jennifer P. says:

    I love your sectional but man that is a hefty price! I will have to rethink about what sectional to get when the time comes.

    • 2

      I know, I know! I think I’m still in shock. I think about all the lenses I could’ve have purchased for that amount and get a little bit heartbroken. But it’ll be worth it once E gets bigger and messier.

  2. 3

    Love it! I think it is a good choice. I am wishing we had gone with leather over our couches we bought when we moved into our new house. Leather lasts FOREVER!
    Brenna recently posted…Little update…My Profile

    • 4

      I was drooling over this light grey upholstered set that was half the price of the one we bought, but I knew it would be destroyed before the little guy turned three. BTW, super jealous of you mirrored white cabinet!!! I’m obsessed!