Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all those who serve our country and to all the spouses left behind. I know a lot of my friends are missing their husbands and relatives deployed to war zones. We’re all praying for their safe return home.

Although my husband has never seen fighting on the ground, he has been deployed to a war zone supporting ground troops. Navy works a little differently, they’ll send your husband out to sea for months at a time, over, and over, and over, and over again for years on end.  It takes a special kind of woman to be the wife of a Navy man.

Pictures of my veteran in uniform are on our portable hard drive and I’m too lazy to fetch it. So you get to look at some family photos taken from last year.
Anyway, thanks to all our armed service members who sacrifice so much to protect our freedom and country. Your service means so much. Thank you!
On to tutu madness. The winner of this fabulous tutu set goes to………
 Comment number 16:
Who happens to be….
Congratulations! I’m emailing the winner as I speak  type. There will be other giveaways soon. Stay up to date on Facebook for the latest projects and prizes.


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    Jayda's Mom says:

    Yeay!! I am beyond excited!! Jayda is going to look adorable in it!!! I will send you some photos to post on your blog or Facebook of her in the tutu! We love to take photos! Im looking out for the email! Thanks!