Grey Chest of Drawers

I scored this dresser on Craigslist in amazing shape.  The previous owner was nice enough to deliver it to my house since I knew this dresser wouldn’t fit in my VW like the rest of my furniture scores. The best thing aboutthis dresser is that it’s 100% solid wood and has dovetail joints. The not sogreat part was that it had too much detail that distracted you from the great lines in the dresser. Notice I used the word”had”?
I patched up all the details I didn’t like with insane amounts of wood filler.I actually had to buy an extra little tub of it. I sanded everything nice and smoothonce all the no so cute half moons between the first and second drawers were covered up and dried. Using that much wood filler means LOTS of drying time. It actually took days for it to dry completely through since it was cold outside and it was getting it’s makeover in the garage. 
The painting took a lot longer than I had expected because I was dragging myfeet. I’d paint the drawers, wait a few weeks, paint the body, wait a fewweeks…. you get the point. When I got home from my Florida trip I decidedenough was enough and I was going to finish it right then even if it meant working in the cold, well… 60 degrees is cold for me. Florida girl, what can I say?
I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey (the same stuff I used for theFrench dresser) and decided to skip the wax and distressing route. I did giveit a couple coats of clear satin poly though. I love the light grey against theoriginal oil rubbed bronze pulls.
Sadly, this beautiful dresser has not found it’s “place”. I thinkwe’re going to keep it, but our tiny little home is seriously lacking in thesquare footage department. For now it’s the guest bedroom, but I’ve toyed with the idea of putting in the nursery or possibly using it in the master bedroom when we move.
What do you think? Should I consider selling it or should I keep it?


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    It is really beautiful, you can't even tell you patched it up with wood filler. I love the color and the shape! Keeping would depend if you had somewhere to put to it and how invested you are with all the time you put into it.

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    Life: Designed says:

    I second that! It's beautiful. I love the colours of the dresser and hardware- nice contrast! It was definitely worth all the wood filler! Hmm.. tough call. Isn't that always the debate? Sell or keep… sell or keep… I agree with Amy's comment. =)


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