Christmas Crafting Day 4- Glitter Reindeer Art

These days I’m finding it harder and harder to get my daughter to sit still. She has the attention span of a typical toddler and trying to get her to color/paint/draw/whatever for more than 10 minutes at a time is nearly impossible unless she’s exhausted. So I figured I’d use that to my advantage and whip up a quick reindeer art project using everyone’s favorite and least favorite craft item, GLITTER!

This glitter reindeer art craft will have you looking like you partied all night at a disco club and wishing you had more children to do this with.

You’ll need:

  • Cardstock
  • Glitter (I used 3 different shades from Martha Stewart)
  • Regular white glue
  • Small paint brush
  • Baby wipe or wet paper towel
  • Hot glue gun
  • White & black buttons (or googly eyes)

Step 1:
Put a very liberal amount of white glue on the bottom of your little one’s foot. Very carefully have them stand on the cardstock without moving their foot. Wipe those tootsies down with a baby wipe or paper towel as quickly as you can.

Step 2:
Get you glitter on. I used a copper color for the body of the reindeer. If you notice a couple bare areas, just go over it with a little bit of glue and your brush. Then get your glitter on again.

Step 3:
Carefully “draw” your antlers with your white glue and put some more glitter on that bad boy.

Step 4:
Make a little nose with your white glue and…..? You guessed it. GLITTER!

Step 5:
Take your buttons or googly eyes and hot glue them onto your reindeer’s face. Easy peasy.

I signed my daughter’s name and put the date on there because this is something that will go into the memory box. Although she wasn’t the one actually making the reindeer art, we did talk about reindeer, Rudolph, Santa, and the number of buttons we had. It’s now framed and part of our small entry way gallery wall because I’m an avid believer that personal items should have a place on your walls. Please ignore the terrible lighting and picture quality. A very pregnant lady standing on a chair snapping photos gets in trouble quickly around these parts by her concerned husband.

What fun crafts are you doing with your kids for Christmas?

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    Jennifer Pot says:

    Maria, i love this! I wish i saw this earlier so i could have a crafts session with my nieces and nephew! I’m going to steal your idea for next year! Thanks for posting!