Fresh Flowers

I absolutely love fresh flowers and when we lived in Seattle I had them in our apartment at all times.  Hydrangeas, any type of bulb, and peonies are my favorite flowers for vases.  I’ve never been a fan of roses unless they’re hybrids, the regular roses just don’t do it for me.  My husband knows to not even bother with roses for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.  A cheap bouquet can turn my day around, especially when they’re bright and insanely fragrant.  Like the daffodils I picked up today.

After a crazy night of toddler nightmares and me being so completely exhausted that I was sleep walking.  Not a crazy, acting out a dream kind of sleep walk.  A “my kid is crying,  need to soothe her, tired, lets just co-sleep” kind of sleep walk.  I woke up to V’s feet in my face and a very vague memory of her saying “boop” while touching my nose, her snuggling really close while I stroked her hair, and her saying “mama” over an over again.  I was so tired that I even forgot to brew coffee.

So when I saw these beautiful flowers for $1.50 a bunch while stocking up on cheddar bunnies and milk at the grocery store, I couldn’t walk away without grabbing four bunches.  So happy I did.  They smell soooo good and that bright yellow helped put a little pep in my step after an exhausting night.  Amazing what fresh flowers can do for your mood.

Do flowers always seem to lift your spirits also?  Or am I the only crazy person that sniffs flowers and immediately starts acting like I’m in a Calgon commercial?


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  1. 1

    I absolutely love daffodils! They’re one of my favorites.

  2. 3

    I slept walked to the store today because I was so jet lagged from my flight from Texas. I walked in and went straight to the hydrangeas and put it in the basket. What does it mean that our sleepy impulse is to buy flowers? haha!