Faux Weathered Wood

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday night. We’ve had a really crazy week here at casa de Craft Crazy Mom and I really feel like it should be Friday already. We started Monday off with V swallowing a coin, which thankfully went down without getting stuck. Now I’m on diaper “duty” (pun intended). Am I the only one with a completely wild child that needs 24 hour supervision? Please tell me I’m not.

We topped off Monday afternoon with scrubbing crayon off the wall followed by an intense sharp shooting pain in my lower left abdomen. P came home to me on the floor kneeling next to the ottoman and clutching onto the couch with tears in my eyes. Scared the beegesus out of us both. Turns out I had some severe round ligament pain that lingered for nearly 30 minutes. After a little rest with my feet up, the pain was gone and I’m happy to report momma and baby are doing fine.

After I was feeling 1000x better, I started on a little project for the little man’s nursery. The first of MANY more to come.

It’s actually much darker in person, guess I should have checked my camera’s white balance prior to clicking away.

DIY Weathered Wood Tutorial

This little ship’s wheel was on sale at my local craft store for $1.95 (kid you not) and was that typical raw wood they make everything out of in those woodworking aisles. It was not completely smooth and there were some snags in the wood. I started by giving it two coats of ebony wood stain I had leftover from the antique dresser.

Stained Ship's Wheel

It was nice, dark enough and looked a little weathered, but I wanted it to look older and a little more on the grey side to balance the fabrics going into the nursery. Enter my trusty “white” wash paint. It’s actually a mix of grey, taupe, and white paint that I keep in a mason jar. I poured equal parts water and paint into the disposable cup. A little paint goes a long way in a project like this.

Whitewash paint

I started by dipping an old lint free cloth into the white wash mix and making sure that it wasn’t too saturated. I gently washed on the color in layers until I liked the overall feel of it.

Faux Weather Wood How To

White washed wood

I liked the grey, but I really felt like it was a little boring and needed more character. I dry brushed some of my white wash mix onto the wheel and blotted off any excess with a damp cloth until I got the perfect weathered wood look.

Dry Brushing Faux Weathered Wood

It dried pretty quickly and now it’s the beginning of our little guy’s nursery. It’s making everything seem so much more real. I’m waiting on fabric to arrive in the mail and just got the perfect prints from Sarah Natsumi (who also happens to be a friend) today. The images online don’t do the actual prints any justice. They’re even more gorgeous in person!

So there you have it, faux weathered wood made with a little stain and paint. Easy and quick!

Grey Weathered Wood


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    Um, no you are not the only one with a wild child who needs constant supervision. My daughter has the gash across her chin to prove it!

    What a score for $1.95. It turned out great!
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