Family Farm

I’m not sure if my parents’ property is technically a farm or not. They have a huge garden, chickens and a wood burning stove, which is basically a tiny farm in my book. My 2014 word of the year was “simplify” and this is definitely the simple life.

We’ve been spending our days feeding chickens, playing with the dogs and making homemade jam from berries my mom picked earlier in the season. Slow and lazy days filled with naps for everyone. Things won’t be this slow when we head to Florida, so I’ve got to soak it in while I can.

We’ll be in the United States for a month, so that means blog posts via my iPad. Sorry in advance for picture quality and grammar errors. Typing with one finger is tricky business!





The simple life is great, but not having separate rooms for the kids is hard. I spend most nights on the floor sandwiched between the kiddos. I’ve been head butted, puked on and had my covers stolen. I’ve also gotten lots of snuggles and kisses, which more than makes up for the lack of quality sleep.

As a matter of fact, my oldest is having a nightmare and the youngest is slapping her in the face while giggling, which is my cue to log off. I’ve got some super cute tutorials and a jam recipe coming soon!

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    Jennifer Pot says:

    Send over some of that yummy looking jam please!

  2. 5

    The photos are so cute! You can’t beat the simple life…

  3. 7

    Oh so beautiful. Ry’s parents have chickens and a large property, so I dubbed it a “FARM” too! Brilliant to have a slower pace for now, enjoy;)
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