Everett’s Birth Story – Part 1

Now that the craziness of bringing home a newborn home has settled and we have pretty much adjusted to life as a family of four, I thought it was about time I shared Everett’s birth story.

For those of you who didn’t already know, Ive been pretty much out of it this pregnancy. Nesting never really kicked in, we moved overseas, and morning sickness was the pits. Basically a completely different experience from when I was pregnant with Vanessa. I shared a lot of what was going on towards the end of this pregnancy on my 39 week update.

Anyway, I read up on everything pregnancy and birth related a hundred times over. Since we considered doing a VBAC this time around, I brushed up on what to expect when it comes to labor and delivery and the pros and cons of having a VBAC. After talking with my doctor, we decided that if I didn’t go into labor on my own by 39 weeks, we would go ahead a schedule a repeat c-section close to my due date. Well, after numerous attempts by both the doctor and myself to get him to come out on his own naturally didn’t work, I decided I was going to try anymore.

I was prepared for another c-section recovery and packed my bag the night before with most of the things I was going to need and planned on waking up an hour early to pack the rest. I watched a movie, folded some laundry and packed a bag for Vanessa. I went to bed completely relaxed and had zero problems sleeping. I was as ready as I was going to get.

I woke up at 2:30 with the urge to use the bathroom and handle some “business” if you know what I mean. After about a minute, I realized that it was just the baby’s head pushing down on body parts that give you that wonderful sensation. As I stood up, I had a contraction that was so intensely painful down in my lady bits that it literally took my breath away. I literally thought, “WTF?”. My c-section was scheduled for 5:30, so I went back to bed thinking I had plenty of time, especially if this was the start of contractions.

As I settled back into bed, a million thoughts ran through my mind. I thought you were supposed to be crampy at the start of labor, but I hadn’t had a braxton hicks or any contractions for that matter in weeks and I definitely wasn’t crampy. I thought your body was supposed to “empty” itself prior to labor, but things were pretty regular in that department. I thought “real” contractions were supposed to feel like a wave of pain starting at the top and wrapping itself around your body. Why did it feel like something was strangling my pelvic region with a vice grip dipped in molten lava? I had contractions with Vanessa that caused me to dilate quickly and resulted in an emergency c-section due to cord compression (you can read about her birth here and watch a video here), but since this was going to be my first “trial of labor” experience, I had plenty of time before the c-section. Then came another contraction.

Philip woke up to me breathing through the pain and clutching onto the headboard of our bed. After the pain started to subside, I asked him what time it was. 2:35. I told him it was time to go to the hospital. NOW! We both scrambled to get dressed, called the hospital, tried to make sure we had the necessities, and got a very sleepy Vanessa bundled up for the cold. There was no way our sitter would make it to our house in time, so she was going to have to come with us.

Part 2 coming soon!

This is what happens when you wake up a two year old in the middle of the night and she doesn’t nap on the day her brother is born :)


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