Do you know your ABC’s?

I realized that I haven’t posted anything about myself recently. I know, bad blogger. I’ve been so busy with my shop and the million other little projects I have going on. Maybe not a million, but at least ten (I wish I was kidding). Although my spontaneous crafting projects drive my husband crazy, this is one he approves of. Check out the alphabet wall art I made for my daughter’s room!

This was super easy to do and I spent less than $30 total. I started off by picking through the enormous amount of scrapbooking paper that I never use. I bought these over a year ago and thought they were perfect for what I had in mind.
I used about 9 sheets in total and cut the pages with my Fiskars paper cutter. I cut three 5×7 sheets from the 12×12 cardstock, but you can just as easily cut 4×6 sheets. I used Photoshop for the letters (because I love Photoshop and use it religiously), but should have used Word. Word lets you print more than one page at a time….hind sight my friends. Make sure you modify the page settings to the size of your sheets. Have a few extra sheets cut for test runs in your printer. Load the printer & print. It’s really that easy.
I bought the frames at the local dollar store and really couldn’t be happier with my newest craft crazy creation. What do you think?


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    Very beautiful and creative–browsing your site is so inspirational and is giving me lots of ideas! THANK YOU!

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    Maria @ Craft Crazy Mom says:

    Of course Ang!