DIY Chalk Paint From RoseArt Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know how much I adore ASCP. I’ve painted this, this, and this using chalk paint. Since moving to Korea, I’ve had ZERO luck in finding anyone that will ship my beloved chalk paint to Korea. Cue the violins. Sad stuff for a diy/craft blogger like myself.

Then the awesome folks at RoseArt contacted me about their new Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk about using it in an outdoor project and I thought, “Awesome! Just in time for Spring.” Well, it was just my luck that it took forever and a day to get to me. Sometimes I forget how longs things can take to get to me in Korea and only had a day to create something awesome and whip up a post about it. Thankfully, deadlines spark a fire under my butt. Unfortunately, I needed Garrison approval before my specific creative endeavor outdoors. Another “perk” of living on a military base. So I had to modify my project and turn it into something I could do indoors without getting myself into trouble.

Roseart Surprise Inside Chalk

There are all these awesome tutorials online on how to make chalk paint, but do any of them use actual chalk? This one does!


So this is how our charging station looked yesterday. Way too much stuff and another honey colored wood tone I was wanting to get rid of.

CraftCrazyMom Charging Station

I read a couple tutorials to give myself a basic idea of how to tackle making chalk paint from chalk. This is what I decided to do. I took the little smiley face from my Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk and smashed it to bits. I discovered a little bee hanging out. Hello bee! I put the chunks in my Magic Bullet and turned the chalk into powder.

This next step I decided was necessary considering the consistency of my paint. Please run your chalk powder through a fine sift. You’ll thank me later.

Chalkpaint from Chalk Tutorial

Once I had my chalk powder, I dug up some craft paint from my stash. Yes, you read that correctly. Cheap craft paint. I used roughly a 1/4 cup of powder and 1/4 cup of paint. Gave those two a good stir and then added 1/8 cup of HOT water.

I started painting only to discover chunky bits in my paint. Darn it! I put two more coats of paint, waxed, sanded, wiped clean and waxed again. Smooth!

DIY chalk paint

See how smooth it was after a little light sanding? Silky! It adheres just like the real designer brand stuff but cost next to nothing to make. Hoozah! You could EASILY turn this into paint you can use on the sidewalk by substituting food coloring for the craft paint and using less water.

DIY Chalk Paint from Chalk

Now I’m off to take my oldest little artist and the rest of our RoseArt sidewalk chalk outside to doodle someplace where we won’t get into trouble. But I wanted to let you in on something.

Want to win a $200 Visa gift card? I know you do! RoseArt is sponsoring a contest for a $200 gift card to an awesome reader who has the best photo of a project using the Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk (available at Target, Walmart & Kmart). RoseArt also makes other awesome chalk products if you can find the Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk. Send me a photo of your awesome creation to craftcrazymom{at}gmail{dot}com by April 8th to participate. But wait, there’s more!

Chalkpaint Tutorial

I have two packs to give away. Just leave a comment below by April 8th and I’ll choose two winners via

Now go get creative folks!



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    Jennifer Pot says:

    Great post Maria! I always lime before and after pics you post.

  2. 2

    How interesting! Would love to graffiti Seoul with you :)