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I’ve been meaning to get this post up for my friends for awhile. I swapped out my dining room art last Fall. This was what it looked like the last time we changed things up. I was on the hunt for something a little sentimental, but classic. Something a little more family, a little less generic. Getting custom city map art prints was the solution to my sentimental yet modern art cravings.

custom map art

Please ignore the giant water dispenser. They’re pretty much a necessity when living overseas and your tap water smells like bleach. The gorgeous city map art is from Paper Finch Designs. This is in NO way a sponsored post. She doesn’t even know I’m talking about her awesomeness. I purchased the prints myself and even sent her the following picture showing her where I planned to put her gorgeous work.

Craft Crazy Mom

I chose four very important cities for our family. Tampa, Seattle, Monterey, and Seoul.


She worked with me to make a custom design. Monterey and Seoul are not the most popular locations for map art on Etsy (go figure), but she did an amazing job. Our guests are always drawn to the city art and ask about them. This makes my soul happy since these places are so special to us. Telling our friends about the meaning behind the pieces brings back so many memories.


They were originally 11×14, but I trimmed them down to 11×11 to fit the large square Ikea frames we’ve had since before we got married. The matting has actually started to yellow, so I’m planning on swapping it out once I’m near an Ikea again.


I hope to add more sentimental cities as we move, which happens to be quite often thanks to the Navy. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do any cities pull at your heart strings?



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  1. 1

    Beautiful idea. Unique, but classic-looking!
    I’ve been checking in on your blog for a few months now and it’s charming and enjoyable!

  2. 2

    I LOVE this! Love love love! I may need to order some of these for us. You have such an eye for decorating. Want to fly back to the States and do my house?

  3. 5

    Oh my gosh I love that! I would like to do something like that for all the places we have been!
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  4. 6

    How did I miss this blog post – Maria, those look GREAT! You did a fabulous job matting and framing!

    I’m so glad that you’re enjoying them!