Crafting Disasters

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my creative ambition gets the best of me and I end up with a major flop of a project. I almost never share projects with mediocre results because I’m a former perfectionist. Before I had a baby, I had to be good at whatever I set my mind to. Well, baby brain hit and I swear my memory lasts just about as long as my 17 month old daughter’s attention span. So these days my crafty misses are just as abundant as my crafty hits.

I’m airing my dirty laundry and showing you the not so pretty side of Craft Crazy Mom. I’m going to start with my most recent project, The Love Boat/ Life Preserver Wreath. I had grandiose ideas in my head that this would be just as amazing as the wreath I made for my daughter’s birthday. Not so much. I was just trying to make it as quickly as possible and although its kind of cute, the perfectionist in me says to throw it in storage and re-purpose it later.

I made some dark chocolate peanut butter cups from scratch that were delicious, but melted entirely too fast. This became evident when the munchkin opened up the fridge and helped herself to one and I was left with a chocolate bearded toddler.
Have you seen these painted curtains on the blogosphere? I had high hopes for a pair of Ikea curtains that I  hoped would look like this:
After taping everything off and two coats of paint, it became painfully evident that my curtains would look nothing like that and I was left with a crunchy/blotchy mess of a curtain.
What makes it worse is that I hung the painted curtain outside to dry on our “clothesline” (more like two posts with a metal rod connecting the two) and instead of coming off like most curtains would, they got stuck. Well, they were stuck to the pole, which was connected to the posts, which were put into the ground…. Can you tell where this story is going? Needless to say, I was left screaming for help in the backyard trying to hold up the mammoth “clothesline”. My husband eventually came running out to help me while he laughed hysterically. Apparently, seeing your 5’2″ wife try to hold up a clothesline with a painted curtain in her face is funny. Those curtains were a disaster from the beginning, right down to the end. They got tossed.
All crafting disasters aside, there is one thing that I’ve made that is PERFECTION.
Anyone else have crafting hiccups every now and then? Do you re-purpose or toss?


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    Oh I love this, lol. And you're right, she is pure perfection!

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    Maria @ Craft Crazy Mom says:

    Thanks Jessica! Can't wait to see your perfect little girl tomorrow!