Crafting Confession

I have something I need to share with you. This crafting confession or “CC” as I’m calling it, is about my sewing machine.  I mentioned here that my husband was and still is super awesome.  He bought me a sewing machine and jewelry for my birthday.  I have the beauty of a sewing machine sitting on my desk and it’s staring at me as I write this post.  I’ve mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that I’m taking weekly sewing lessons.  I’ve only had one lesson so far because my teacher has been in Argentina visiting family for the last two weeks.

You see, this “CC” is kind of embarrassing to admit as a crafter because this should not be happening. I feel like an awkward teenager trying to hide a mouth full of metal or a toddler who just wet herself in public. I feel ashamed and kind of scared to be judged. I also feel like laughing at myself because I know it’s silly. Ready to know what this confession is about? I’m afraid to use my sewing machine.

I know it’s completely irrational. I KNOW THIS! I’m scared to break it, like it’s some piece of heavy machinery. The first time I ever touched a sewing machine resulted in a major catastrophe. As in, I broke a sewing machine that did not belong to me. Bird’s nest of thread. Broken needle. Machine that needed to be taken to a shop. Get the picture?

I’m soooo in love with my new sewing machine that I’m scared to ruin it. Ridiculous and I need you to tell me so! There you have it, my confession. Along with my “CC”, you also get my promise that I WILL SEW TODAY. Promise. I’ll tell you all about it and our snow filled trip to Tahoe tomorrow.

Do you have a crafting confession or silly fear like me?


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  1. 1
    Corinne Ibbitson says:

    Yes, i am afraid to even start projects, like I have had the Chalk Paint in my garage for at least 1 month and haven’t even given it a try…afraid of messing it up or doing it wrong. I am so proud of you crafty people, its totally amazing to me all the talent out there, and then there is me…uncrafty grandma..I need a major kick start!

  2. 3

    Don’t feel bad. At least you have a sewing machine and you know you will use it to make something fabulous! It’s like a first date, you gotta ease in and get to know each other a little. Or maybe it’s love at first sight and you dive right in!! 😉 Either way I can’t wait to see what you make. Learning to sew is one of my goals this year. My mom has graciously offered not only to teach me, but to lend me one of her five sewing machines. Yup, five. Hopefully the one she brings is less complicated than yours cause that is a loooooot of buttons. Come to think of it, I’d be a little scared too!

  3. 5

    That sounds like me when I was first trying to use computers…I was so afraid of breaking them, especially because they belonged to the school. Years (and years) later, I am using several different computers everyday :)
    Jammed threads happens all the time on my sewing machine, broken needle time to time. But I still use the machine! Looking forward to seeing what you are making!

  4. 7

    haha! i was just telling you on my blog how i’m intimidated to sew, and then i come across this post on your site! awesome.

    looks like you’re picking it up really well. this is quite insipring. maybe i can get rid of those sewing machine fears afterall?!

    and to answer this blog post, months late: i’m terrified of knitting&crocheting too.

    • 8

      Fears be gone! You tube videos help :) Power tools will terrify me til the ends of days. Me=clumsy, add power tools to the mix and I’m sure I’d be rocking stubs for fingers. Eek!

  5. 9

    I totally fee the same way, I got a brother embroidery machine and I am loving it to do sewing but petrified of the embroidery part!

  6. 10

    OMG I just bought the same machine (arrives today) and I am PHOBIC of using it. I promised my daughter I’d make her a Frozen dress so I think I’m afraid to mess up and disappoint her. Bought the fabric and embellishments today but have zero clue where to start or even what I need. :( How’s it going for you?