Colorful Playroom Ideas

One of the houses we’re interested in has a large loft on the second floor. I know not to get my hopes up, because anything could happen in the next couple days. My dreams of a light filled loft could be crushed at any second. If you could pray, send good vibes, do the house dance, etc, I’d be eternally grateful. Trying to find a place to live when you’re over six thousand miles away is tricky business. Trying to find a place to live that you’ve never seen in person before signing the lease? Even trickier business. Thankfully we have friends that live in the area that can scope things out for us. In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of a colorful playroom for my kiddos.

Colorful Playroom

Light and bright with lots of primary based colors. Thinking white everything with navy, aqua, pink and yellow accents. Maybe a fun tent and a giant framed chalkboard? I already have the ikat chairs, but I was also thinking about putting our comfy white slipcovered couch in the imaginary (hopefully one day real) playroom.

I’m completely over having the living room overrun with tiny toys and finding blocks (and dust bunnies) under the couch. It’s funny that I’m dreaming of having a colorful playroom for the kids over having my own office. Priorities change. How many of you have a playroom for your kids? Color me jealous.

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