Christmas Crafting Day 1- Advent Calendar

As promised I’m bringing you some of the crafting I’ve been up to the last few weeks and wanted to start off with a little advent calendar I put together in the time it takes my little one to nap. I really should be trying to get the nursery done and maybe even wash more than one load of baby related laundry. Maybe Christmas crafting is my version of nesting?

I had huge plans for a kick ass advent calendar, but turns out when you live in Korea with no Michaels, Joanns, or Hobby Lobby in sight, you have to be flexible and make due with what you have. It also doesn’t help to have concrete walls and limited wall space since you’ve pretty much filled up every nook and cranny with enough 3m Command Strips and artwork to make 3m want to sponsor you. No, seriously. Easily over a $100 buckaroos on hooks and strips spent in a matter of days. Anyway, this is our little impromptu advent calendar.

So wondering what the jingle bells is going on with my advent calendar? Yeah, me too. Since drilling into the walls to hang up curtains rods requires new drill bits we don’t currently own, we have tension rods for drapes (which we also don’t have yet). I figured, what the heck. Lemons into lemonade, right? I strung up some twine onto that tension rod, put some numbers on mini doilies, and busted out my clothes pins.

On the days with just candy canes, I have fun activities for us scribbled down in my planner to do together as a family. Some of them include the tree lighting ceremony in our neighborhood, random acts of Christmas kindness, and you can’t forget about baking cookies from scratch. I also have little wrapped gifts for Vanessa that make you want to watch the Sound of Music for the 100th time.

These brown paper packages are filled with ornaments for Vanessa’s very own little tree next year. I started collecting a few fun (shatter proof) themed ornaments for her right after she was born. I still think she’s a little young to have her own tree right now, but next year she is going to have her own ridiculous decked out tree.

One of my favorite things on our advent calendar are the mugs filled with hot cocoa packets. Little girl loves her a cup of luke warm “hot” chocolate.

The mugs match one of the themed trees I have in mind for next year. If you know what a tuque is or have indulged in poutine, you know exactly what I’m talking about, eh? Figured the Canucks in our family would get a kick out of a tree complete with moose ornaments, maple leafs and a toboggan ornament or two, which also happen to be strung up on my advent calendar.

You can’t forget about the big day…. Christmas! Too bad this stocking is empty. Womp, womp, womp. I want to do something really special, but haven’t thought up of anything spectacular yet. Ideas anyone?

Come back tomorrow for my absolute favorite Christmas craft/upcycle, EVER! I’m so stupidly excited about sharing it with you, it nearly makes me pee my pants. Which is kind of easy to do these days considering I have a large baby sitting on my bladder.

See you tomorrow!


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