Chopping It All Off

I did something really drastic today.  I chopped off fifteen inches and donated it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. They tweeted me earlier today and let me know that I was number 311,159 and that made me so happy that others have been donating their hair to cancer patients.

I’ve been talking about chopping it off for months now, but sometimes you need a swift kick in the butt to instill a change in your life.  That swift kick came in the news that a close family member had been diagnosed with cancer and was going to need chemotherapy.  Chopping my hair off is nothing compared to chemo, so I called my wonderful stylist Katie and told her it had to go.  Want a peek?

My husband has never seen me with short hair.  He completely forgot I was going to cut my hair today and he had the best reaction. EVER!  He had his huge signature smile, complete with dimples and said, “Oh my gosh, you cut your hair.” Yes, yes I did love.

I’ve been on a feel good high all day from my good deed.  I love that my mom ponytail is gone and that someone else is going to appreciate it and hopefully it will brighten up their life during difficult times.

Want that feel good high I have and want to get rid of that mom pony too?  Donate to Pantene!  Unlike the other big charity, they don’t charge for their wigs. Yep, 100% free for female cancer patients.  I love that.

I’ve got vino and an amazing man who just showered yours truly with gifts (including a new sewing machine & jewelry) waiting for some quality time with me.  See you all tomorrow for another paper craft tutorial!


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  1. 1

    Your hair looks great short! You did such an amazing thing- gave such an amazing gift. I did the same thing a few years ago and I have not been able to grow my hair long since. Short hair is just so much easier! Congrats on your big change and the change you have made for someone else!

  2. 2

    I love the hair cut! I've been thinking about chopping mine off too, but I don't think I'd look as cute as you. :) I have a fear of looking like a mushroom head with my big curls!

  3. 3

    It looks great!! Love it!! what a great thing to do!

  4. 4

    Looks fantastic! I am sure it is quite drastically different and will take a little bit to get used to, but it looks great on you. Way to go!

  5. 5

    Congratulations to you for your beautiful gift. You look lovely!

  6. 6

    You look gorgeous! I can't believe you've never had your hair that short, it's a great look for you. My daughters and I have also donated our hair before, such a great cause.

  7. 7

    YEA… you dd the same as i did about 6 months ago… my sister in law got cancer and sadly passed away 7 months later…so sad … my hair was so long i was sitting on it, getting it stuck in certain places it should not be…He-He… yours is the same length i had mine done… yours is so beautiful… i only wish i had some body to mine like you do… love it…