Chevron Mugs

Can you believe in the four years I’ve been with my husband, we’ve never bought an actual set of mugs? Ridiculous, huh?  Especially since we both drink more than our fair share of coffee.  Yours truly has been relying on it much more these past few days because of a certain temperamental toddler’s sleep habits. Hoping this phase of toddler sleep regression ends really soon.  She’s also not napping, which means neither am I.  One tired mama!

Since coffee has become a necessity around these parts and not so much a morning treat, I thought I’d go ahead and get my first set of “grown up” mugs.  I’m in love.

They’re by Mikasa and I bought them in gray & platinum {here}.  They have them in a few other colors, but I think gray is such a classic color.  Absolutely in love with the chevron pattern.

These gorgeous cups make my morning cup o’ joe that much more wonderful.  We’re still keeping our eclectic mix of mugs for the time being, but thinking about replacing them with some simple white mugs from the dollar store.

Do you have a matching set of coffee mugs or do you like to keep in interesting with all different styles?


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    Jessica H. says:

    I love them, very nice!