DIY Headband Tutorial | Create

diy headband tutorial

I’m back! Well, sort of. I’m still away visiting family, but today is the first day I’ve had access to a real computer. Trying to get a post written on an iPad is not easy, so thank you for bearing with me as I try to blog without photo editing software and coffee. I’ve got […]

DIY Wood Christmas Sign | Create


If you don’t already know, I love the holiday season. I love glitter just as much. Might as well meld the two into something awesome, right? So I spotted some awesome Christmas decor online when going through a bought of insomnia. So I’m not sure exactly which site it was, but I did discover that […]

Crib Teething Rail Guard | Tutorial


I’ve been wanting to get this post up for awhile. Thankfully baby boy is on the mend and I had a few minutes to get this up. Yay! My younger little stinker has two bottom teeth.  E has also started to stand. Standing and teething mean he’s starting to use his bed as a chew […]

Non Toxic Moon Sand Tutorial | I’m baaaaack!

DIY Moon Sand via Craft Crazy Mom

I think I’ve got most of the disgusting spammer and scraper ridiculousness taken care of. I understand that these low life individuals/bots make money doing this, but SERIOUSLY! There were a few questions about what plugins might have been causing the surge in spam for me and how scrapers get ahold of your content via […]