Monthly Budget | Printable

budget printable

Although my husband and I use our online banking accounts to organize our finances and figure out what we spent our money on, I like to plan ahead for the next month to keep the budget on track. Plus, all that accounting in college permanently engrained ledgers into my brain. I simplified it for you because let’s be real, […]

Recipe Card | Printable

recipe card

I write a lot of my own recipes and have some from friends and family. Sometimes I’ll find a recipe online or in a magazine and try it, but will adapt them so much that I need to rewrite them. I made a recipe card printable with almost everything you could possibly need. I avoid recipes […]

Recipes To Try | Printable

recipes to try free printable

Who has a ton of recipes they’d like to try? Who actually remembers to make those recipes? I made this “recipes to try” printable for myself after Christmas when I received a couple new cookbooks. It has been amazing when it comes to meal planning (psst… link to the meal planning printable). As much as I love […]

Meal Planning | Printable

meal planning printable

What’s for dinner? How many times do you hear this? How many times do you actually have an answer? I’ve made a meal planning printable to help you out. I’ve been meaning to get this printable updated for over a year. The original meal planning printable I made was over two years ago, two houses ago […]

Sort Save Splurge | 30 Day Challenge

August Joy Studios

Sort. Save. Splurge. is a 30 day challenge to simplify your home so you can save for what you really want. The rules are simple and this is how it works: No spending beyond groceries and necessities for 30 full days. No new clothes. No mani/pedis. NO SHOPPING! Nada. You can buy a new toilet if […]

Fitness and Food Diary | Printable

Fitness and Food Diary

It’s that time of year for resolutions and like many of you, I’m planning on making healthier choices in 2015. My goal is to eat less junk. The move took it’s toll and I’m starting to really feel the effects of eating poorly. I’ve made a fitness and food diary printable to help you (and me) […]