39 Week Update

39 Weeks Pregnant

Pardon the Christmas Crafting Series interruption. My friends and family have requested an update on baby #2 and I guess it’s about time considering our little guy will be here in a week. Here I am with my 39 week update That’s an entire 5 weeks more pregnant than I’ve ever been (V was premature). […]

28 Week Update

Erin White Photography Family Photos

Oh friends, it’s been awhile and for good reason. We’ve been in the midst of some major packing and moving action. We saw 98% of our stuff leave in shipping crates last Friday and we’re currently camping in our house. We have two air mattresses, a pair of lawn chairs, a lounge chair, a folding […]

Gender Reveal

gender reveal

P, V, and I just got back from the doctor’s office with some amazing news. Baby #2 is VERY big. I’m measuring a couple weeks ahead and so is the baby. Our doctor wants to hold off on reassessing the due date until the next ultrasound. I’m supposed to be 21 weeks today, but the […]

18 Weeks


I know some of you are curious about what’s going on with baby #2 and me during this pregnancy, so I figured it was about time I shared the goods. Weight gain: 8lbs (it was 11lbs) I was mortified when I stepped on the scale after our trip. How does a person gain 5 lbs […]

Falling Apart


Thankfully, I’m not falling apart. It’s the house, to do lists, and projects that have fallen by the way side this last month or so. I have the first trimester to thank for that. Although the constant nausea, headaches, low blood pressure and morning sickness have pretty much dissipated, I have a new, slightly more […]

Why I’ve Been M.I.A.


My last post I talked about craving some structure in my life as well as my blog. I also mentioned that we were going to take more time away as a family. Our time in Monterey is coming to an end since we’ve officially received orders to Korea this winter. For all you non-military folks, […]