Rub n Buff on Metal | How To & Tips


I originally was just going to post about how I turned my black pharmacist lamp into a gold one in 30 minutes flat. Turns out that I was misinformed about the amazingness of Rub n Buff and this project took me 6 days…. Yeah. Let’s back track a bit to the beginning of the story. […]

Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze? | Thrifting

Thrifting or buy new

I bet you were thinking about something else when you first read the title. Gutter brain! This post is about my love of thrifting and deciding when to buy new or make it myself. Thrifting is addicting. Maybe it’s the thrill of a good deal or beating that grandma headed towards the same dresser you’re […]

Ombre Chevron Quilt


So way back when Philip bought me my fancy schmancy sewing machine for my birthday, I immediately called up a local sewing studio for some one on one lessons. I’m all about learning the “right” way the first time around vs. winging it and trying to fix my mistakes. After our initial meeting, the owner […]

DIY Upholstered Headboard


It’s finally done! I almost can’t believe it. I had huge plans for a stack of old canvases from past projects just sitting for months un-used, but then morning sickness hit and this project had to go on the back burner. Now that I’m feeling much better mixed with the fact my toddler can now […]

High Gloss Blue Nightstand Makeover


When it comes to furniture makeovers, I tend to stay in the “safe zone”. I try to stick with my trusty shades of Paris Gray, Old White, and Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paints by Annie Sloan. Lately I’ve been getting the urge for change. Maybe it’s the pregnancy or the simple fact that I prefer […]