The Truth About My Silhouette Portrait

silhouette portrait

*** This is NOT a sponsored post. Just a crafting confession from a slightly irrational crafter.*** Meet Rinaldo. Rinaldo is a Silhouette Portrait. And yes, I name inanimate objects. It’s a thing. I bought Rinaldo on deep discount last year. I considered it a Christmas gift to myself. Well, shortly after Rinaldo joined the family, a […]

5 Things :: Sewing Edition


Alright, as promised I’m going to share the five things I’ve learned since learning how to sew. Most of these tips/tricks/ramblings are personal preferences, not set in stone, everyone should adhere, fear the sewing machine kind of preferences. You say potato, I say potato kind of preferences. Am I the only one that said potato […]

Crafting Confession


I have something I need to share with you. This crafting confession or “CC” as I’m calling it, is about my sewing machine.  I mentioned here that my husband was and still is super awesome.  He bought me a sewing machine and jewelry for my birthday.  I have the beauty of a sewing machine sitting on […]

Brag Book

Brag Book

First, I want to thank each and every one you who commented about me donating my hair to charity. You really made me feel special and I started to tear up when I read your comments, seriously! Donating my hair made me feel good, but you’re comments made me feel amazing. Thank you for making […]

Memory Letters


My high school guidance counselor (past tense folks, graduated in ’03) recently reached out to me in hopes I could think of something for her s2s (student2student) kids to do for other students PCSing (permanent change of station aka moving). This really struck a chord with me because Philip is in the Navy and this is […]

Crafting Disasters


I don’t know about you, but sometimes my creative ambition gets the best of me and I end up with a major flop of a project. I almost never share projects with mediocre results because I’m a former perfectionist. Before I had a baby, I had to be good at whatever I set my mind to. […]

Tile Trinket Box


I often sometimes get these crazy sudden urges to do craft projects late at night. Sometimes I’ll get these brilliant ideas with items I already own, which means practically free. This makes me smile. This adorable wooden box works great for storing mementos or jewelry. This is an easy DIY project, you’ll need: Tile Wooden […]

Memo board tutorial

I love me some memo boards. Quick, easy, & you can make them match the decor of any room. No more searching stores for the “right” one. This project is so simple and you can get all your supplies at a local craft store. You’ll need: Painters canvas Batting Fabric Ribbon (7/8″) Staple gun/staples Hooks (optional) Step […]

Yarn & Felt Wreath

I originally made this tutorial for another blog and figured it was about time I shared on my own blog. I love this project. It’s so easy and cheap, my two favorite things. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a “hoarder” of crafting supplies. I only had to purchase the actual wreath ($2.99) and ribbon ($1). […]