Candy Cane Kiss Blossoms

I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve had an intense sweet tooth since E’s birth. I figured I might as well bake some holiday goodies with as much organic ingredients as possible vs. buying store bought frankencookies. These candy cane kiss blossoms with a cold mug of milk did just the trick.

Candy Cane Kiss Blossom Christmas Cookies via craftcrazymom

I however cannot take credit for creating the wonderful recipe, you can thank the folks at Hershey’s for that. I won’t repost the recipe since that’s obviously stealing content, but you can click HERE for the recipe.

I do have a few tips regarding the successful outcome of these lovely little morsels of Christmas goodness:

  • Roll the cookie balls in colored sugar¬†immediately after forming them. Waiting too long makes it difficult for the sugar to stick. Roll, sugar, roll, sugar, roll, sugar. Got it?
  • Wait the full 3 minutes after baking before putting your candy cane kiss into the cookie to avoid deformed looking, but still very delicious cookies.
  • Let them cool several hours before storing them so the candy has time to set completely.
  • Store/gift in an AIRTIGHT container. Even better, put a slice of apple in there with it. The cookie gets hard as rock and crumbles all over the place if not.

Christmas Candy Cane Blossom Cookies via craftcrazymom

These would be the perfect little cookies to set out for “Santa” on Christmas Eve. I highly suggest you persuade your kiddos that this cookie recipe is what Santa likes, especially if you like a hint of mint and since you’ll be the one eating them, right?




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