Baby’s 1st Birthday

I mentioned before that I had been crazy busy getting things ready for my daughters birthday party. I definitely made way too much food and I’ll probably get any future parties over 20 adults catered. Hindsight my friends. I’m so grateful for my family and especially my friend Jessica for helping me make this party a reality. LOVE YOU!!! Enough talk, more pictures.

These are some photos a friend of mine took for baby girl’s Dol. If you want to know what a Dol is click here.
Who doesn’t love a pretty cupcake? These were made for a $1 a piece and they were dairy free. So delicious. I made the cupcake toppers with my Cuddlebug using Sissix die cuts. I could’ve bought a handpunch for the inner circles and typed & printed cute sayings, but I’m cheap and decided to just make do with the die circles I had.
I used a die cut for the scalloped and regular circles and hand wrote little sayings on each of the white circles. I used a glue stick for the paper and hot glue to attach the lollipop sticks.
I even used the cupcake toppers to make a handmade mini bunting cake topper with striped barber straws. That huge cake is a traditional Korean rice cake. It’s best fresh, but since it’s considered a “necessity”at a Dol my amazing brother & sis in law drove 6 hrs to get it to us.
I made the drink signs with scrapbooking paper, ribbon, and clear packing tape. The font is called “Monterey”, how fitting. I bought the striped barber straws on Etsy and made custom flags using my computer & paper trimmer.

I used the same cupcake toppers as decoration for the favor bags and for the Doljabi board. I even made the memo board, which I’ll post the tutorial for later this week.

I made chocolate & pb, red velvet, and champagne buttercream cake pops. So good. I used Bakerella’s recipe for the red velvet. I substituted devil’s food cake and added PB2 to the batter for the choco & PB pops. I also substituted half the frosting with real peanut butter. For the champagne buttercream, I used regular vanilla cake mix and used champagne instead of water. The buttercream frosting also had a splash of champagne in it. Warning: these cake pops are dangerously sweet.

Major fail on the smash the cake. She just wanted to poke it and taste. This was as messy as it got. Good for the laundry, bad for photos. Want the adorable onesie? A local Etsian made it for me, you can find her at Banana Bear Boutique.

We ended the party by playing with the little ones in the grass. We lined up the little ones ages one and under and this is the best photo I got.

Oh how I love babies & having friends who have babies. So stinkin cute! Btw, congratulations to my two girlfriends who just gave birth to their beautiful bundles. Our play dates just got a little bigger :)

Time for a movie with the hubby and bed, night!!!


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    OMG MARIA! This is the cutest party EVER!!!

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    Also, I hope you don't mind but I have to share this haha! It's too adorable not to!