A Sunny Weekend Recap

We had the most absolutely amazing weather here in the Monterey Bay Area. The sun was out all weekend and it stayed below 70 degrees. Perfection. So we tried to be outside as much as possible.

No weekend is complete without a little craft/DIY project. I kicked off my Saturday with a trip to the thrift store. After a successful haul a few days before, I was hoping thrift store luck was in my favor and it was. I found two of these glass containers originally from Target sitting on the shelf, brand new, but the handles were loose and there were a few scratches on top. For less than $5 a piece, I was happy to nab them up, minor flaws and all. I tightened the handles with a wrench and went out to Target to get myself a third 2.5 gallon container. Slapped on some vinyl numbers, filled them up, and called it good.

I finally have containers large enough to store my insane amounts of flour, brown rice, and oats. Am I really the only person who needs 2.5 gallon containers for these things?

We also gave the car a deep clean. After being on the road with a toddler for ten hours and driving home through freshly plowed snow, our car look more than filthy. P spent V’s entire naptime detailing the inside. He even mentioned that we could survive a week with the amount of snacks our little one sprinkled all over the back seats. We waited until V was up to wash the outside, figuring she would love playing with the water (more than loved, she was obsessed). We didn’t even bother changing her out of her footie pj’s.

We ended the day outdoors with a little grilling action in the backyard. We knew we wanted to grill some chicken, so we just whipped something up with the fresh veggies in our fridge. We made grilled chicken gyros with homemade tzatziki made with herbs from my garden. We didn’t have pita, so we used garlic naan and topped it off with organic spinach, tomatoes, onions, avocado and a little lemon juice. So ridiculously delicious that we decided we need to make this again soon.

Sunday was Easter of course and we did our usual Sunday morning routine and met up with friends afterwards. This included an Easter egg hunt for our little ones in the park and a picnic . I made some gold gilded eggs earlier in the week and we hid those along with plastic eggs filled with raisins and graham cracker snacks.

V loved breaking into those little plastic eggs. Wondering how long I can get away with sneaking in healthy snacks and her being excited about it?

Can’t forget our picnic filled with delicious foods including pastel colored egg salad sandwiches, mac & cheese cups, chicken, and cookies layered with whipped cream.

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend together and we’re hoping for another great one spent outdoors next week.

How did you spend your Easter weekend?


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    Jessica H. says:

    Is it weird that I got super excited about your canisters? I love them! And yesterday was so fun! I love holidays with my very own Martha :)

  2. 2

    Just chanced upon your fab blog….well, this wekeend is our first Easter wekeend in Paris….so it Easter egg hunting on Sunday but first shopping for goodies on Saturday at the local marche9. A bientot.