39 Week Update

Pardon the Christmas Crafting Series interruption. My friends and family have requested an update on baby #2 and I guess it’s about time considering our little guy will be here in a week. Here I am with my 39 week update That’s an entire 5 weeks more pregnant than I’ve ever been (V was premature).

I am fully aware that I look like I swallowed a basketball. This baby mountain bump is ridiculously round…. and heavy. So here’s the rundown and the baby related shenanigans that have happened in the last two months.

1. I made one trip to the hospital at 33 weeks for contractions. They were irregular, but I was having six an hour for nearly 24 hours and since V came early, they wanted to check me out. A quick test that came back negative put our minds at ease and that he would be staying put.

2. I thought my water was leaking twice. Key word “thought”. Hence, it was something else. Yeah….. I peed myself a little. Not once, but twice. I thought my two year old was the only one having accidents these days?

3. Everyone in the house had a terrible bout with a stomach bug. I somehow was only sick for 24 hours. The other members of my family were not so lucky, especially the little one. I slept on the floor with V and a bucket between the two of us while I was 37 weeks pregnant. It wasn’t pretty, but we survived.

4. I’m up a total 25 lbs and I haven’t gained a single pound since we moved to Korea, which is nice. But that also means I was a heifer at 30 weeks.

5. No stretch marks yet, but I’m guessing that may change soon. My belly doesn’t itch or burn, but I know the odds of someone going a full 40 weeks completely unscathed are low. My mom had them and I’m sure I will too.

6. I have zero sleep issues. Actually, I rarely even get up to use the bathroom. This is the complete opposite from my last pregnancy experience of being constantly uncomfortable and running to the bathroom every hour.

7. People (mostly women) comment on how low I’m carrying every time I’m out and about and insist that the baby must be coming any day. Little do they know that he started dropping at 31 weeks and he has zero intention of coming out before the full 40 weeks are up.

8. I think it terrifies people to see me walking around, running errands, and picking up my daughter. Even more so when I tell them when I’m due.

9. There is no nesting going on around here. In fact, I’ve only done two very small loads of baby laundry and that’s about it. I sewed a crib sheet and finished half of the mobile. Pretty pathetic, I know. At least we picked a name last week. That counts for something, right?

10. Overall, I feel great minus the very few times I’ve dealt with mild sciatica thanks to a baby head wedged behind my tailbone. I have plenty of energy, have no problems getting around and I’m very grateful that this has been a very uneventful pregnancy.

Also thought I’d share a photo of what really happens when you try to take a picture in front of a tree when you have a toddler. “Ooooooo, is that a wittle Cwissmas twee momma?!”

Can’t believe I’ll have two little ones in just a weeks time! I’m sure things will be crazy around here, but I can’t wait. Life is good!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more Christmas crafting!
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