Baby Boy

Birth Announcement Craft Crazy Mom

We welcomed baby boy, Everett James into this world earlier this week, two days shy of his due date. The little peanut is 7lbs 3oz and 20.5 inches long. Needless to say, we are smitten and being a family of four is amazing. We are beyond excited to share our good news, but bear with […]

39 Week Update

39 Weeks Pregnant

Pardon the Christmas Crafting Series interruption. My friends and family have requested an update on baby #2 and I guess it’s about time considering our little guy will be here in a week. Here I am with my 39 week update That’s an entire 5 weeks more pregnant than I’ve ever been (Vanessa was born […]

Christmas Crafting Day 3 – How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

how to decorate your christmas tree

I expressed my obsession love for Christmas trees yesterday and thought today I’d share my method on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Something about choosing a theme and running with it makes my heart go pitter patter. In past years I’ve had an all white and light blue tree, a whimsical colorful tree, and […]

Christmas Crafting Day 2- DIY Tree Flock

DIY Tree Flock Tutorial

Okay, so this is the project I promised you yesterday on my Advent Calendar post. It’s my all time favorite Christmas craft to date. Let me introduce you to my DIY tree flock tutorial. Alternate post titles included, “What the flock”, “Flock the halls”, “I flocking love this”. Guarantee that you’ll be smitten and will […]