Skinny Jeans Tutorial


Everyone knows that I’m a junkie when it comes to a good deal. Maternity clothes are no exception. Shortly after finding out we were expecting, I went online to find maternity jeans. There was no way I was going to make myself uncomfortable again with silly belly bands while hoping I don’t have some ridiculous […]

Crib To Toddler Bed


Completing the headboard in the guest/future “big” girl room had me ecstatic. Philip and I both agreed that even though V was climbing out of her crib, she wasn’t quite ready to make the leap to a regular bed. She is just way too wild when she sleeps and the thought of her falling off […]

Books for Crafters


I work with an amazing group PR people, advertisers, and publishers that I’m incredibly thankful for. So when one of my favorite publishers contacted me about reviewing books geared towards crafters, I just about squealed. The first round of books I got to review were The Handknitter’s Yarn Guide and The Complete Guide To Machine […]

18 Weeks


I know some of you are curious about what’s going on with baby #2 and me during this pregnancy, so I figured it was about time I shared the goods. Weight gain: 8lbs (it was 11lbs) I was mortified when I stepped on the scale after our trip. How does a person gain 5 lbs […]

Reality Check


I was going to wake up and start writing a post about my pregnancy, but that seemed so trivial after my husband and I woke up to unexpected news. It started with him looking at me and saying he thought someone we knew had passed away. I texted my best friend, but she was also […]