St. Patrick’s Day Printables


We’re just a few weeks away from St. Patrick’s day and I thought I’d share some printables and a recipe for a healthy smoothie both you and your child will love. The printable has squared edges for the flags, just snip a triangle out like I did. Use a 2.5” punch for the cupcake toppers. […]

Bon Voyage GFC. Hello Bloglovin!


**UPDATE** I dug around and did a little research and discovered that if you followed a blog that had GFC and was affected by the phase out, they should still appear in your Google Reader feed. Yay! ** There is so much buzz going around the blogosphere about the disappearance of GFC.  Sad stuff I […]

Creamy Avgolemono Soup


I had every intention of not posting today.  The munchkin needed to get some blood work done and I was prepared to fill her up with some homemade chicken and rice soup and spend most of our day cuddling.  I’d love to cuddle right now, but the little spitfire is too busy playing with her […]

Thrift Store Ottoman Overhaul

before after

In my effort to de-clutterify my life, knocking off projects just sitting in the garage waiting for a makeover was a top priority.  I got this ottoman at a local thrift store for $4.25 sometime last fall.  I always knew I was going to recover it, but didn’t exactly know how since I fail at […]

Caring For Your Chalk Paint Creations

010[3] (1)

**Updated with some useful info from a couple of awesome expert readers!** I’ve noticed that there is a lot of information out there on how to paint furniture with chalk paints and the best methods for waxing and what not, but not a lot on how to care for the piece you just spent hours […]

ASCP Duck Egg Blue and Guest Bedroom Update


There are a lot of changes happening around this house.  After moving the mammoth desk into the house, my husband needed a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle to work on his thesis.  We moved his desk into the guest bedroom and had to do a little shuffling around to make things fit. When […]

My Amazing Husband


I still have the guest room reveal coming up later today, just need the munchkin to be sleeping so I can take pictures!  So today will be a two post kind of day. I was all about jumping on the “Love Story” posts going on last week for Valentine’s day, but thought it would be […]

Eighteen Months


I have a little artsy fartsy related post tomorrow, but I just wanted to share some photos with you.  We had quite the busy weekend.  It included having great friends over on Saturday for some delicious Cuban food and wine, another couple over yesterday for Korean fusion fare, my husband and I exchanging gifts early […]

Baked Zucchini Fries


I made these last night as an appetizer and they were heavenly! Vanessa was chowing down like a champ and Philip tried to resist (he failed) because he had a hockey game.  Eating before a game for him is no bueno. He only had a couple nibbles and I had way more than I had […]

Sidewalk Chalk Paint


As Vanessa gets older, I’ve noticed that she has started to get bored of her toys really quickly. Things start going downhill once Elmo and his fellow muppets are off screen, which is really way too early for me to start dealing with toddler drama… 8:30 am. I try to distract her with her toys, […]