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I literally threw this project together in less than 10 minutes. I love quick and easy projects. Cannot forget that it also cost less than four dollars after tax. Yep, I’m a girl on a budget folks. Our key hook area was looking a little drab, something a little art couldn’t fix.  Worked a little […]

1.30.12 Weekend Recap


We just had one of those lazy weekends enjoying each other and taking some down time. We started the mornings off with some yummy leftover veggie lasagna. We had fun with stickers and Vanessa insisted on napping and going outside with them on her face. I even forgot that I had one on my hand. […]

Skinny-ish Veggie Lasagna


In my effort to live a much healthier lifestyle and to make sure our family eats lots of veggies, I’ve decided to healthify a lot of recipes we love. I stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest from Southern Living. Of course I had to be a freak and make it even healthier and tweaked the […]

Art Swap


Things in the “master” bedroom get changed up every couple months. If you’re wondering why I use quotations, it’s because we rent a tiny (like 912 sq. ft. tiny) California bungalow and the “master” bedroom is only 12’x13’ with a tiny closet. I pretty much hate the size, but we make it work, especially when […]

Crafting Disasters


I don’t know about you, but sometimes my creative ambition gets the best of me and I end up with a major flop of a project. I almost never share projects with mediocre results because I’m a former perfectionist. Before I had a baby, I had to be good at whatever I set my mind to. […]

Grey Chest of Drawers


I scored this dresser on Craigslist in amazing shape.  The previous owner was nice enough to deliver it to my house since I knew this dresser wouldn’t fit in my VW like the rest of my furniture scores. The best thing aboutthis dresser is that it’s 100% solid wood and has dovetail joints. The not […]

No Sew Tutorial


After many trials and hours spent using iron on hem, I’ve discovered an easier, less time consuming method to this madness called “no sew”. I mentioned in an early post {here} which brand of hemming tape I like to use. The super duty stuff works like a charm, much better than the regular weight. The directions say […]

MLK Weekend Recap


We had such a fun and action packed weekend here in Monterey. We managed to go biking, hang out with friends, watch football, grill, finish a dresser, build and install shelves, wash the cars, bleach & reseal the grout, and spent quality time together. Whew! Winded much? An important part of my New Year’s resolutions […]

Storage Bin Overload

I’ve been getting a jump start on my New Year’s resolution to get more organized in a big way, I talked about those resolutions {here}. I’ve been clearing the clutter like a mad woman. So far we’ve donated two large garbage bags filled with clothes to Goodwill, boxed & stored all baby related items, and […]