Inspiration for an Updated Toddler Room


I’ve mentioned endlessly on my Facebook page that I scored a Pottery Barn Kids sleigh crib at LCM for $8 a little over a month ago. This is the crib except it was in the “Sun Valley Honey”. source Honey colored furniture is my least favorite finish for newer furniture (I think it looks amazing […]

Fall Decor

I love decorating during the holiday season, but didn’t have the energy opportunity to last year. My little one was only a couple months old and we were dealing with colic. So when I went to the pumpkin patch with my friend earlier this week (read here) I took the opportunity to load up on pretty […]

Pumpkin Patch


I really love the fall and especially love the fact that I have access to so many apple and berry farms for fun inexpensive outings with the little one. I wasn’t able to find a “legit” pumpkin patch less than an hour away, but I did find that Gizdich Ranch in nearby Watsonville has a […]

Paris Grey French Dresser


This dresser took me A LOT longer than I thought it would. There were quite a few obvious flaws with it when I picked it up from the dump.  When my husband saw it in the garage and I told him that I got an amazing deal all he could say was, “it’s not worth […]