Chalkboard Coffee Table

It’s official. I’m obsessed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP). I got my order in on Friday and started painting IMMEDIATELY. I was a little sad that my order was incomplete. I was missing ‘Old White’ and when I called the store they said they were sold out. Apparantly I’m unoriginal with my color choices, […]

Tile Trinket Box


I often sometimes get these crazy sudden urges to do craft projects late at night. Sometimes I’ll get these brilliant ideas with items I already own, which means practically free. This makes me smile. This adorable wooden box works great for storing mementos or jewelry. This is an easy DIY project, you’ll need: Tile Wooden […]

Blue Mason Jar Tutorial

I have antique blue mason jar envy. I LOVE THEM! Check out these pretty little things: via stylemepretty The thing I don’t love about them is the price, it can get obscene. Especially if you want a bunch of them. I figured that I could make my own with some glass paint. So I went […]

Enjoying Monterey

For those of you who don’t know, the weather in Monterey is pretty boring to say the least. It’s almost always 65 degrees with overcast all year, but September brings amazing weather our way. I like to walk on the trails with my kiddo in the mornings since: A) I’m not a morning person and […]

Lazy Weekend

We had an amazing weekend here in Monterey. First, I got my haircut by Katie from Coiffed by Katie. She is so sweet and gave me an AMAZING haircut for a steal. She also does color and she was even on TLC’s “A Makeover Story”. I’m going to need to upload a picture soon. Our […]

Memo board tutorial

I love me some memo boards. Quick, easy, & you can make them match the decor of any room. No more searching stores for the “right” one. This project is so simple and you can get all your supplies at a local craft store. You’ll need: Painters canvas Batting Fabric Ribbon (7/8″) Staple gun/staples Hooks (optional) Step […]

Kid Friendly Space

Having a one year old who is clumsy, loves to climb & has an insane amount of toys means you have to make sacrifices in the decor department. There is a swim noodle cut in half lengthwise and taped onto the step of my fireplace. The fireplace gate has commercial grade velcro on its entire […]

Antique Dresser Facelift

I know I promised a memo board tutorial, but I keep forgetting to take a photo of the finished product (it’s in my daughters room). I only seem to remember when the little monster is napping and I know better than to wake the beast while she slumbers. Crap phone picture and yes, that’s a […]