Yarn & Felt Wreath

I originally made this tutorial for another blog and figured it was about time I shared on my own blog. I love this project. It’s so easy and cheap, my two favorite things. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a “hoarder” of crafting supplies. I only had to purchase the actual wreath ($2.99) and ribbon ($1). […]

Candy Curls Bowtique


Jessica from Candy Curls Bowtique has kind enough to do a last minute interview for CCM. She’s a very good friend and I’ve known her since elementary school. She is such an amazing mother to her daughter and creates the most darling accessories for little girls. Check out the interview! Click here for her shop […]

Do you know your ABC’s?


I realized that I haven’t posted anything about myself recently. I know, bad blogger. I’ve been so busy with my shop and the million other little projects I have going on. Maybe not a million, but at least ten (I wish I was kidding). Although my spontaneous crafting projects drive my husband crazy, this is […]

Bargain Hunting


A few years ago, you’d never find me in a thrift store or consignment shop.  I’d pick up a few things here and there off of Craigslist, but never stepped foot into a Goodwill until my hubby started pushing for me to go with him. My husband and I are not huge spenders, so when […]