Vow Renewal Sneak Peek


I bet you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to the last few weeks. Well, my husband and I renewed our vows on December 17th and went on a week long cruise right after. Lots of festivities with family and friends. It’s definitely made our trip back home to Tampa a memorable one. I’m still […]

What have I been up to?


Planning a vow renewal while your husband is finishing up this quarter’s finals in his Master’s program and watching a little one can be a little bit of a juggling act. Thankfully my little girl has aunts, grandmas & grandpas that love keeping an eye on her (aka hugging/kissing/giggling marathons) while I get things done. […]

Vow Renewal Pinspiration


I’ve been busy getting ready for my upcoming vow renewal with the hubby that I’ve completely lost track of time. I wanted to show you a little bit of my DIY “Pinspiration”. Get ready for photo overload.  {via} Source Unknown {via} {via} {via} And I can’t forget a little fashion inspiration         […]

Baby Love


Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. Traveling and getting settled in while I plan my vow renewal (more on that later). I got the best news this morning. I’M AN AUNT! Baby Audrey Mina was born a healthy 8lbs 3oz.  Mommy, daddy, & baby are doing well and I’m beyond thrilled that my little munchkin […]

Vanessa’s Birth Story


I don’t know about you, but it seems that everyone around me is either having a baby or just found out they’re preggers. I’m currently waiting on my little niece to make her grand appearance. Dear baby niece,Listen hear kiddo. You’re overdue and we’re ready to meet you so come on out. I don’t blame […]

Curtain Love

This project was a complete SUCCESS! At first I thought it was going to be a total failure and that I’d have to call my friend and her sewing machine for help. I plan on getting a sewing machine sometime next year. Why the delay? Well…..to save my husband’s sanity. We currently live in a […]

DIY Book Ledge

So I’ve been pretty much dying to do this project for awhile, but kept putting it off. Not sure why because it was so super simple and it was easy on the pocketbook. I’ve been searching other blogs and Pinterest like a crazy person. This one stood out to me the most. {via Gus & […]

Happy Veterans Day


Happy Veterans Day to all those who serve our country and to all the spouses left behind. I know a lot of my friends are missing their husbands and relatives deployed to war zones. We’re all praying for their safe return home. Although my husband has never seen fighting on the ground, he has been […]

Bold New Nightstand


So, I broke the rules yesterday. I bought a piece of furniture, which I’m suspended from until the hoard in the garage is cleared out. Well, when the cat (my husband) is away (watching football) the mice (me and my mini minion) will play…….with paint. I had planned on just finding a couple frames for […]

Tutu Giveaway!


I’m in an insanely good mood. Did I mention INSANE?!? I just realized that one of my furniture/decor heros, Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect Blog featured my Paris Grey dresser project here. I’m feeling so amazingly blessed right now that I thought I’d share the love. Drumroll please…… I’m giving away this 3-piece tutu set shown in pink […]