18 Weeks

I know some of you are curious about what’s going on with baby #2 and me during this pregnancy, so I figured it was about time I shared the goods.

Weight gain: 8lbs (it was 11lbs) I was mortified when I stepped on the scale after our trip. How does a person gain 5 lbs in 2 weeks? Over indulging, eating junk, and not being active enough. That’s how. Three of those vacation pounds came off after a few days of eating right and drinking plenty of water. Probably water weight. Also, my arm looks ridiculously huge in that picture.

Baby’s Length: 5.5 inches or the size of a bell pepper according to to Babycenter and about 7 ounces. The bean is growing!

Cravings: Tomato, pickle, spinach, and swiss cheese sandwiches on sourdough…. Strange, I know. I eat this for breakfast and lunch when I have all the ingredients in the house.

Aversions: Red meat

How I’m feeling:  Fantastic! Morning sickness took me by complete surprise, especially since I lucked out with Vanessa. Blood pressure is still low, but it doesn’t cause dizzy spells anymore. Guess I’ve started to get used to it…?

Changes in my body:  My “bump” is finally showing. I still feel like I look more chunky and less pregnant, but I know that will change soon. Also, the tatas and my butt are larger than they have ever been. The thought of nursing that first week has me terrified that I’ll look like I’m smuggling cantaloupes under my shirt. My 5’2” frame just can’t handle all that chest!

Aches & pains: I experienced the most intense Braxton Hicks contraction of my life yesterday. I usually never notice them, but this was different. It wasn’t painful, just so tight that it made me want to vomit and run to the toilet at the same time. The worst part was that it lasted for five minutes…. in a car… stuck in traffic. Thankfully, I was able to exit the highway and find a little market. Crisis averted.

All about the baby: I’m feeling a lot of movement inside and even felt a kick through my belly. Baby #2 is a night owl and also seems to move like crazy whenever V cries.

Boy or girl: I’d love either one! A boy would be a new experience complete with an entirely new nursery, baby cloths, and all things little boys. A little girl would mean that Vanessa would have a sister close in age and I’d hope they would be best friends like I am with my sisters. All I really care about is having a happy and healthy baby in my arms Smile

Just a few weeks until we have the 2nd trimester gender scan, one month until Vanessa turns two and 3 months until we move. Lots of changes happening in our lives and I can’t wait!


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  1. 1

    Your cravings sound like my aversions and your aversion is definitely my craving! Isn’t pregnancy funny?

  2. 5
    Jessica H. says:

    You look beautiful and you are glowing!! I can’t wait until you guys find out the sex!!

  3. 7

    Beautiful picture! Haha – you do not look chunky at all!! One of my best friends is due in a few months. So exciting! The miracle of birth…it truly is a miracle!! Wishing you much joy and health for you and the little one!